Brightwell MaxAmino


Brightwell  MaxAmino
Free-Form Amino Complex in Ideal Ratios for all Marine & Freshwater Fishes
  • Unique complex of 20 free-form amino acids in the same ratios found within tissues of fishes.
  • Beneficial to all marine, brackish, and freshwater fish species.
  • Free-form amino acids: 1. Encourage vibrant coloration.
  • 2. Provide the building blocks of protein in ideal ratios to encourage the formation of new tissue, speeding up growth rates.
  • 3. Encourage new tissue growth to aid in recovery from wounds.
  • Increases the protein concentration of fish foods.
  • Acts as an attractant to encourage finicky fishes to begin eating new foods.
  • Formulated based on data compiled by ichthyologists on tissue research tissue of fishes. 
  • Does not require refrigeration.
  • Size: 125ml 

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  • Model: MAX125
  • Manufactured by: Brightwell

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