TMC Reef Sump


TMC Reef Advanced Sump System

Precision engineered from the highest quality design.

Versatile compact design ensures the smallest possible footprint whilst maximising space for incorporating various filtration components.

Integral mechanic filter bag system inc 4’’ 100 micron filter bag which ensures efficient removal of solid waste from the incoming aquarium water.

Bubble diffusing inlet chamber with lid helps climate bubbles and noise form the incoming water.

Easy to access compartments allow simple maintenance and cleaning.

Integral freshwater auto top up reservoir with lid - perfect for use with auto top up system such as the Reef Fill inferred water level monitoring system.

Adjustable water depth allows water level and flow through the sump to be finely tuned for optimum skimmer performance.

Triple probe holder allows monitoring probes to be safely positioned and secured within the sump.

Four integral dosing tubes, allowing easy connections to Ease Dose doses.

Easy installation, suitable for direct connection to 1’’ rigid piepwork. Also supplied complete with horsetails for connection to 25mm and 32mm flexible hosing (hose not included).

Suppled complete with a removable refugium baffle allowing part of the sump to be used as a dedicated refugium if desired.

Code Model Tank Size (Optimum) Tank Size (Max) Dimensions (LxDxH)
9870 S 100L 225L 381 x 381 x 356mm
9871 M 200L 325L 500 x 360 x 400mm
9872 L 300L 425L 610 x 356 x 410mm
9873 XL 450L 600L 762 x 410 x 410mm
9874 XXL 700L 825L 914 x 457 x 410mm


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  • Model: 9870,71,72,73,74
  • Manufactured by: TMC

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TMC Reef Sump

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