The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium vol.1



The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium vol.1 
by Svein A Fossa, Alf Jacob Nilsen

Covers the natural history of coral reefs forming the foundation for understanding reef ecology and its practical application in closed system aquaria.
An exceptionally highly recommended book for anyone considering setting out in reefkeeping, or for that matter, already experienced aquarists. I first read this book when it came out in about 1996 (I was working in public aquaria at the time), and it was a pretty mindblowing read even then - there was nothing like this book at that time, and Fossa and Nilsen's masterwork hasn't been bettered since - it seems as fresh and informative today as it did back then, no small achievement in itself, and I personally think this shows how 'ahead of their time' the authors were - compare this to any contemporary 'TFH' book on reef aquaria...
Quite a weighty volume, the first in the series (of four) is a very comprehensive introduction to reef aquarium concepts - this isn't a superficial 'skim' through the subject, and one of the most impressive features of the authors' writing is the extensive referencing throughout, which really enhances the 'scientific' feel to the book. Far too many aquarium writers make speculative comments on topics on the basis of purely anecdotal or 'one off' experiences - Fossa and Nilsen manage to back up statements from the literature.
The book's premise is that 'modern' coral reef aquaria require an in-depth, intimate knowledge of natural processes (at the time of publication, at least, Fossa and Nilsen's outlook on marine aquaristics was revolutionary) - to begin the book, then, the authors introduce concepts of biogeography and reef habitats before exploring the range of aquaria which can be created - closely based upon natural environments. The section on aquascaping is truly inspiring, and contains some stunning photographs - you'll want to get your hands wet after feasting your eyes on this section!


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