Corals of the World


Corals of the World 
by J E N Veron
This stunning 3 volume boxed set comprising almost 1400 pages, is one of the most comprehensive and spectacular works on corals ever to be produced. 
Corals of the World is the principal outcome of a major research programme undertaken by the Australian Institute of Marine Science. It's a comprehensive, easy to use, reference work for coral biologists and non-specialists alike. 
This magnificent boxed set is packed with information for coral enthusiasts, marine biologists and nature-lovers. It emphasises the natural beauty of corals as never before, highlighting their conservation value around the world. 
Full colour throughout with more than 3,300 underwater photographs.


Volume 1

  • Observing corals
  • Corals and coral reefs
  • Geological history
  • Structure
  • Family Acroporidae
  • Index
Volume 2

  • Family Astrocoeniidae
  • Family Pocilloporidae
  • Family Euphyllidae
  • Family Oculinidae
  • Family Meandrinidae
  • Family Siderastreidae
  • Family Agariciidae
  • Family Fungiidae
  • Family Rhizangiidae
  • Family Pectiniidae
  • Family Merulinidae
  • Family Dendrophylliidae
  • Family Caryophylliidae
  • Index
Volume 3

  • Family Mussidae
  • Family Faviidae
  • Family Trachyphylliidae
  • Family Poritidae
  • Non-scleractinian corals
  • Biogeography
  • What are species
  • Evolution of species
  • Keys to genera and species
  • Common names
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Index

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