Fishes and Corals



Fishes and Corals 
by Dieter Brockmann

Fishes & Corals is a new book from Birgit Schmettkamp, the company behind the 'Modern Coral Reef Aquarium' series of books. 
The first part of the book covers various fish families and the second part deals with hydroid animals (fire corals and lace corals) as well as all other types of corals. 
The final chapter talks about coral diseases and parasites. 





  • Foreword
  • Butterflyfishes of the Family Chaetodontidae
  • Angelfishes of the Family Pomacanthidae
  • Surgeonfishes of the Family Acanthuridae
  • The Moorish Idol - Ancient Beauty on Coral Reefs
  • Damselfishes of the Family Pomacentridae
  • Hawkfishes of the Family Cirrhitidae
  • Dottybacks, Basslets and Longfins
  • Fire and Lace Corals
  • Soft and Leather Corals
  • Gorgonian Corals
  • Stony Corals
  • Coral Bleaching, Parasites and Diseases of Corals
  • List of References
  • Index


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