World Atlas of Marine Fishes


World Atlas of Marine Fishes
by Rudie Kuiter and Helmut Debelius 
With more than 6000 photographs covering 4200 species of marine fish, primarily taken in their natural habitat, this book sets new standards for fish classification. 
Represented in this Atlas are all the fishes that a scuba diver or snorkeller may encounter on the reef, or that are commonly sold in the aquarist market. 
Most of the species depicted here originate from the shallow reefs of the tropical seas, with the greatest variety stemming from the Southeast Asian region. 
But there are also magnificent creatures to be found in more temperate waters and therefore, this Atlas depicts a hitherto unparalleled number of fish that live in the coral or rocky reefs of both tropical and temperate seas, as well as a number of "visiting" high-seas predators.


  • Introduction
  • How to use this book
  • Acknowledgements
  • Cartilaginous Fishes
  • Sharks
  • Rays
  • Chimaeras
  • Bony Fishes
  • Acipenseriforms
  • Anguilliformes
  • Aulopiformes
  • Gonorhynchiformes
  • Elopiformes
  • Clupeiformes
  • Atheriniformes
  • Cyprinodontiformes
  • Gadiformes
  • Ophidiiformes
  • Siluriformes
  • Gobiesociformes
  • Lophiiformes
  • Batrachoidiformes
  • Beryciformes
  • Zeiformes
  • Syngnathiformes
  • Pegasiformes
  • Gasterosteiformes
  • Scorpaeniformes
  • Perciformes
  • Pleuronectiformes
  • Tetraodontiformes
  • Index

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