Marine Aquarium Handbook


Marine Aquarium Handbook
Beginner to Breeder
by Martin A Moe Jr

This is the book that has launched hundreds of thousands of aquarists into the marine aquarium hobby, sure handedly guiding them as the set up their first marine aquariums and moved into reef keeping and breeding. Written by Martin A. Moe, Jr. marine biologist and pioneering fish and invertebrate breeder, The Marine Aquarium Handbook has been highly acclaimed for providing sound advice in a clear, readable and engaging voice. Now extensively updated and expanded, with new world-class colour images by Matthew L. Wittenrich and others, The Marine Aquarium Handbook covers the latest methods for setting up, stocking and maintaining a thriving saltwater tank. A lifetime of research and experience in keeping and breeding marine fishes and invertebrates is packed into the following chapters The Aquarium : Size, Shape, Style and Construction The Water: Composition, collection, Mixing, and Preparation Filtration: Mechanical, Chemical, Biological, and Sterilisation The Biological Filter: Live Rock, Live Sand and External Options Physics & Chemistry: The Essential Information for Marine Aquarists Setup & Maintenance: The First Day, The First Year Fish Selection: What to Look for: Condition and Compatibility Introduction & Quarantine: Purposes and Methods Diseases & Distress: Identification and Treatment Foods & Feeding: What, When and How Breeding Marine Fish: The Basic Process and Easiest Species.

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