Surgeonfishes, Rabbitfishes & Their Relatives


Surgeonfishes, Rabbitfishes and Their Relatives 
A Comprehensive Guide to Acanthuroidei
by Rudie H Kuiter and Helmut Debelius

The acanthuroids comprise several large and important tropical reef fish families which are mostly herbivorous. They include the fishes popularly known as surgeonfishes or tangs, unicorns, sawtails, the Moorish Idol, and rabbitfishes. 
Most groups and species are variously distributed in tropical to subtropical seas of the Indo-Pacific, but surgeonfishes and sawtails have representatives world-wide. 
Many members of these groups help to keep in check the fast growing algae that does especially well on sunny, shallow reefs. Their occurrence in great numbers keeps coral reefs from becoming overgrown and also makes certain that other vegetation, such as seagrasses, is regularly cleaned, especially by juvenile rabbitfishes, ensuring good light capture and healthy beds. 
This 208 page book includes detailed information on families, genera and more than 100 known species of the world. Illustrated with hundreds of spectacular underwater photographs and containing information on behaviour, habitats and details of aquarium set ups for the various groups. Picture index pages and a comprehensive index ensure information is quick and easy to find.


  • Introduction
  • Selected Acanthuroid family representatives
  • About Surgeonfishes, Unicornfishes and Sawtails
  • Acanthurids in the aquarium
  • Fin-formulas of species of Acanthurinae
  • Selected features of Acanthurinae genera
  • Acanthurinae
  • Indo-Pacific Acanthurus picture index
  • Atlantic Acanthurus picture index
  • Paracanthurus
  • Ctenochaetus picture index
  • Zebrasoma picture index
  • Nasinae
  • Fin-formulas of species of Nasinae, Prionurinae, and related families
  • Naso picture index
  • Prionurinae
  • Prionurus picture index
  • Siganus picture index
  • Platax picture index
  • Zabidius
  • Chaetodipterus
  • Parasettus
  • Ephippus
  • Tripterodon
  • Drepane
  • Scatophagus
  • Selenotoca
  • Index

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