Reef Secrets


Reef Secrets
by Alf Jacob Nilsen & Svein A Fossa
A fresh, easy-to-follow approach to setting up and stocking a reef aquarium, filled with simple but authoritative advice from two of the most respected pioneers of the modern marine hobby. 
Reef Secrets includes an illustrated guide to selecting fishes, corals and other invertebrates, secrets of good water quality, water motion, lighting, aquascaping, live rock, and substrates and suggestions for unique biotope reef systems.


  • Introduction
  • Bringing the living wonder of tropical coral reefs into our own homes and offices
  • Light Darkness & Shadows
  • Illuminating the reef aquarium  look first to nature
  • Water Qualities & Movement
  • Creating and maintaining the best possible seawater conditions in a reef aquarium
  • Aquascaping
  • Building a small-scale ecosystem: combining beauty and biology in a box of water
  • Biotopes
  • Modelling aquariums on ecological niches on and around the reef_ Aquarium Stocking
  • Thinking before buying: selecting species based on compatibility, population density, aquarium size and human hazards
  • Stocking Guide
  • A concise encyclopaedia of fishes and invertebrates commonly available to the marine aquarist
  • Reef Algae
  • The healthiest reefs have algae. So will your reef aquarium. Why not make it beautiful?
  • Foods & Feeding
  • The science and learned arts of keeping your aquarium inhabitants well nourished
  • Friends of the reef
  • Animal welfare, reef conservation and the informed marine aquarist

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