The New Marine Aquarium


The New Marine Aquarium
by Michael S Paletta
Creating a beautiful healthy marine aquarium has never been easier, using the simplified, natural methods learned and practised by the world's leading reef aquarists. 
For anyone setting up a first marine tank or rejuvenating an existing system, expert aquarist Michael Paletta offers clear, up-to-date advice on planning, equipping, stocking and maintaining an aquarium that will provide years of enjoyment and viewing pleasure. 
The book includes details of how to avoid the classic saltwater set up mistakes, and illustrated, step-by-step startup and aquascaping techniques. 
It discusses low-maintenance, high-success filtration using live rock and includes a photographic guide to the best, hardiest fish species for beginners.


  • Preface - What is The New Marine Aquarium?
  • Introduction - A Better Way to Simpler, Healthier, More Beautiful Marine Aquariums.
  • Getting Started - Planning Your System: Basic Choices and Equipment for a First Marine Aquarium.
  • Saltwater Primer - A Healthy Medium: Making it Sparkling and Fit for Fishes
  • Live Rock - Nature's Biological Filter: How to Buy and Tame it.
  • Establishing a New Aquarium - From Empty Tank to Living Ecosystem: A Step-by-Step Guide.
  • Selecting Fishes - A Guide to Stocking a Marine Community Tank.
  • Feeding and Maintenance - Simple Routines for Keeping Fishes Well Fed and the System Attractive
  • Health - Preventing and Curing Common Disease and Parasite Problems.

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