The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums



The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums 
by Jeffrey Lutz
The fundamental beliefs about keeping marine aquariums have changed. Once thought to be far too difficult for mere mortals, a successful marine aquarium is now well within the grasp of any interested hobbyist. One of the biggest reasons for the increased emphasis on saltwater fishes and invertebrates in the aquarium hobby is that technological advances in aquarium equipment, coupled with advances in knowledge about marine biology, have made the keeping of marine animals of all types easier than it has ever been before. 

This book clarifies the most important technical aspects of setting up and maintaining a marine fish-only or mini-reef aquarium in clear and straightforward language and is an excellent guide for beginners.


  • Part One - Getting into Marines
    • Chapter 1: Thinking of Taking the Plunge into Salt Water?
  • Part Two - Getting Started
    • Chapter 2: Basic Equipment
    • Chapter 3: Let There be Light!
    • Chapter 4: Keep it Clean
    • Chapter 5: Biological Filtration - Your Fish Just Can't Live Without It!
    • Chapter 6: More is Best: Skimming and Living Filters
    • Chapter 7: Water Changes - The Ultimate Key to Aquarium Success
    • Chapter 8: Getting the Aquarium Up and Running
    • Chapter 9: Hurry Up and Wait - Cycling the Aquarium
    • Chapter 10: Important Water Parameters
  • Part Three - Getting Stocked
    • Chapter 11: The Payoff!
    • Chapter 12: Selecting Invertebrates for the Mini-Reef
    • Chapter 13: Some Excellent Beginner Fish
    • Chapter 14: A Sampler of Troublesome Fish
    • Chapter 15: Are There Good Sessile Invertebrates for Beginners?
    • Chapter 16: Sessile Invertebrates for Advanced Reefkeepers
    • Chapter 17: A Mess of Motile Invertebrates
  • Part Four - Care and Feeding
    • Chapter 18: Strapping on the Feedbag
    • Chapter 19: Aquarium Health Care and Maintenance
    • Chapter 20: Staying With it for the Long Haul

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