The Super Simple Guide to Corals


The Super Simple Guide to Corals
by James W Fatherree
Reef aquariums are more popular than ever, and there is a real need for accurate, reliable and easy-to-read information on corals. 
Unlike larger and more comprehensive books "The Super Simple Guide to Corals" is written for "reefers" who are just getting their feet wet in this wonderful and fascinating hobby. Make no mistake about it, this book may be "super simple" in design, but its contents contain a wealth of information.


  • Part One - Coral Biology
  • Chapter 1: Natural History of Cnidarians
  • Chapter 2: Basic Coral Anatomy
  • Chapter 3: Coral Nutrition
  • Chapter 4: Coral Weapons
  • Chapter 5: Coral Reproduction
  • Part Two - The Basics of Coral Husbandry
  • Chapter 6: Water Quality
  • Chapter 7: Lighting
  • Chapter 8: Foods & Feeding
  • Part Three - Propagating Corals in your Aquarium
  • Chapter 9: Propagation
  • Part Four - Guide to Common Corals
  • Chapter 10: Gaining an Understanding
  • Chapter 11: Soft Corals
  • Chapter 12: Stony Corals
  • Chapter 13: Tips for Selecting Corals

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