DelTec Calcium Reactors


DelTec Calcium Reactors

Deltec fluidise the media for higher calcium output.
With the Mk 5 Deltec Fluidised Calcium Reactors, fluidising the smaller grains of Rowalith C+ ensures that the whole of the surface of the media is always available for reaction with the low pH water within the chamber.
On a standard non fluidising reactor the water always finds the easiest route through the media and forms channels or tracks which can result in only a small area of the surface being utilised.
Deposits of fine media build up within a standard reactor which choke up the pathways further and require regular maintenance and cleaning out to maintain a reasonable level of efficiency.
With the Deltec reactors the fines are kept in suspension and pushed out of the chamber with the water which means that the media never needs to be emptied out and cleaned but simply topped up.
Deltec Calcium Reactors can also be used with conventional larger non fluidising media or large grain coral gravel.


Code Model Aquarium Dimensions Content RRP R'N'C
87157000 PF509* 500 L  180 x 140 x 500 mm 2.2 Kg £297.99 £289.99
87300000 PF501 1000 L 210 x 200 x 500 mm 2.9 Kg £464.99 £459.99
87320000 PF601 2000 L 260 x 260 x 550 mm 8.7 Kg £539.99 £534.99
87340000 PF601S 3000 L 305 x 305 x 550 mm 14 Kg £635.99 £604.99
87360000 PF1001 5000 L 375 x 305 x 1080 mm 34 Kg £930.99 £925.99

* PF509 does not include Probe Holder or Bubble Counter





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  • Model: 87157,87257,87258,87259
  • Manufactured by: DelTec

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