D-D Rowa Lith


D-D Rowa Lith 

Rowa Lith C+ 6kg 
Calcium reactor media for fluidised reactors. C+ is a 50:50 blend of Rowalith W and Rowalith C.

The Rowalith C is a slightly harder media that contains more carbon whilst the Rowalith W is softer providing an ideal fluidised calcium reactor media with two slightly different rates of dissolution.

Rowa Lith W 6kg 
2-3mm Media suited to non fluidised calcium reactors, 2-3mm. Media with a grain size of 2-3mm for use with non fluidised calcium reactors, the small grain media can also be used as an attractive calcium rich sand bed .
9-15mm Media suited for all non fluidised reactors, size 9-15mm.Large media of 9-15mm grain size ideal for larger calcium reactors, due to the large grain size it will resist tracking of water  through the media often experienced when running small grain sizes in larger non fluidised reactors.
Rowalith W is mined from ancient coral beds and provides the correct levels of Magnesium for your hard corals.

Both Rowalith C and W are mined from ancient coral beds providing correct levels of Magnesium for your hard corals.

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D-D Rowa Lith

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