Brightwell NeoMag 1Kg


Brightwell NeoMag 1Kg


  • High-purity, magnesium-rich mineral that may be employed in traditional calcium reactors, or even blended in to pre-existing aquarium substratum, to gradually increase and maintain the magnesium concentration in the system. 
  • Provides magnesium, which helps regulate the balance between calcium and carbonates in aquarium water, and is a component of aragonite, the mineral secreted by reef-building organisms to form skeletal material. 
  • Composed of magnesium, calcium, and carbonates. 
  • Optimal average particle size for use in media reactors and calcium reactors. 
  • Free of chloride and sulfate. 
  • Mined in the United States.
  • For optimal results use 10% NeoMag to 90% Calcium Reactor Media for your reactor volume.



Technical Background

Magnesium plays a vital role in reef aquaria: it helps maintain calcium and carbonate (composing the majority of measurable alkalinity) concentrations by limiting unwanted inorganic precipitation with each other. In the absence of adequate magnesium ions, calcium and carbonate ions bond rapidly, depleting their concentrations in the system and creating the false impression that heavier supplementation is required to re-establish the desired concentrations. No matter how much calcium is added, its natural seawater concentration of 412 ppm will never be sustained until the magnesium concentration begins to approach 1,290 ppm. Once the balance between calcium and magnesium has been established, subsequent calcium supplementation yields immediate positive results. Keeping magnesium within a range of 1,290-1,320 ppm will maintain the desired balance, and provides enough of the element to reef-building organisms for the formation of aragonite.

N?oMag is a naturally-occurring mineral of high purity. It is primarily formed abiogenically (via a number of geochemical processes) as opposed to by living organisms (such as corals and other aragonite-secreting organisms). N?oMag is ~13% magnesium by weight, as opposed to ~0.10% Mg by weight (on average) of aragonite. This being the case, N?oMag is a superb source of magnesium in reef aquaria, particularly those with sufficient magnesium demand to require frequent supplementation. It is best-employed in a calcium reactor at a ratio of ~9:1 aragonite:N?oMag by volume. N?oMag may also be used in secondary chambers of calcium reactors to help eliminate free CO2 that has not reacted with the aragonite media, thereby simultaneously reducing the propensity for pH to exist at a depressed level in the aquarium and increasing the rate of media dissolution, and hence magnesium supplementation.

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  • Model: NEOM1000
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