TMC AquaBar T-Series Kit


TMC AquaBar T Series Kits

EASILY replace your T5 &T8 fluorescents with these energy-efficient LEDs, using your existing fittings!
-Equivalent sizes to T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps but with ultra low running costs
-TWIN sets = easy, direct replacement for twin fluorescent lamp fittings
-Long life - no more lamp replacements - and low voltage
-Colour coded packaging for easy selection of correct lamp length and type
-MMS compatible and includes adapters for T5 & T8 IP rated lamp holders
-Can be controlled via the TMC AquaBar Control- Sold Separately
1 x REEF WHITE (9w)
2:1 mix of 7500K White and 465nm Blue
Suitable as a day light for all Marine setups
Can be used as a sole lighting source for most soft and most LPS Corals
1 x FIJI PURPLE (10w)
Equal amounts of 7500K White, 465nm Blue, 635nm Red, and 420nm UV
Works for daylight and as a actinic moonlight allowing for coral fluorescence displays
Highlights colours within the Aquarium
Perfect spectrum for photosynthesis in corals and macro algae
Available in:
390mm equivalent to T8 (15w) and T5 (24w) 438mm bulbs
530mm equivalent to T8 (18w) and T5 (28w) 590mm bulbs  
685mm equivalent to T8 (25w) and T5 (35w) 742mm bulbs
835mm equivalent to T8 (30w) and T5 (45w) 895mm bulbs 
990mm equivalent to T8 (38w) and T5 (54w) 1047mm bulbs
1140mm equivalent to T8 (36w) and T5 (54w) 1200mm bulbs 

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  • Model: 3706,07,08,09,10,11
  • Manufactured by: TMC

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TMC AquaBar T Series

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