Philips Coral Care LED


Philips CoralCare LED

It’s more than light, because it’s more than an aquarium.

Switch to Philips CoralCare LED to give your reef a natural appearance and make your corals grow. All in a robust and efficient fixture that is passively cooled and easy to control. With a validated lighting recipe and optimised optics, you can take the next step for your fish tank.

The unique features of CoralCare are:

  • Wide spectral range - optimised for coral growth and natural reef appearance
  • Perfect light balance - unique homogeneous light distribution and colour mixing solution
  • Low energy consumption thanks to highly efficient LEDs
  • Easy to control - By intelligently combining various LEDs with different wavelengths, we have simplified the set-up of the lighting controller for the user. As a result, the user only needs to select the desired colour point and intensity, without having to worry about the optimal light quality for coral growth and beautification.
  • Low maintenance - long-life robust design and materials
  • Easy to install - driver integrated in fixture, hanging kit included, and computer interface

Perfect light balance

CoralCare creates the perfect light balance thanks to the unique light distribution and colour mixing solution. This allows for the creation of an evenly distributed light dosage for the corals and prevents both shimmer effects outside the aquarium as well as coloured shadows.

Easy to control

A controller is required to control and dim CoralCare fixtures. The controller is sold separately and includes a USB cable, universal power adapter and regional plug adapters. The USB cable is used for connecting the controller to the PC for programming and supplying power (in combination with the power adapter) when the controller is working as a stand-alone unit.

The controller can control up to 4 CoralCare fixtures.

Low energy consumption and more

Thanks to the use of highly efficient LEDs, the CoralCare fixture can save up to 30% or more energy compared with traditional T5 marine aquarium lighting, without any loss of light quality.

We have proved, together with an independent marine biologist, Tim Wijgerde, that with the CoralCare LED fixture coral growth and appearance meet and at some points exceed standard traditional lighting in the marine aquarium market.

Light impact on coral growth 

Quoted from report of Tim Wijgerde: “Proper lighting is one of the key aspects when maintaining a marine aquarium with corals and reef fishes.

First, light is essential to the growth of reef-building corals…”

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