Maxspect Gyre 200


Maxspect Gyre 200


The Next Generation of Water-moving Technology is Here.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of water motion in a reef aquarium — the “Gyre Generator” is a pump that has changed how you can move water in an aquarium. Unlike propeller pumps, the Gyre uses two centrifugal fans, with a centrally located, submerged direct current (DC) motor coupled to these fans. Guarded water inlets allow intake of water, which is pushed out of discharges on either side. The entire assembly is held in place by an external magnet, and a controller lets the aquarist decide on how much flow (either continuous or pulsed) as well as reversed flow is generated. 


The new Gyre 200 Series with Advanced Controller is packed with features

Controls two Gyre pumps simultaneously.

Comes with an OLED display (128x64 resolution).

Built-in high-accuracy timer, user can setup different flow pattern during different time of the day.

Support back-up battery (sold separately).


Water Movement Mode

Constant Speed Mode

Pulsing Mode

Gradual Pulsing Mode

Random Mode

Alternating Gyre Mode

Link-up Method -all new ‘1 controller 2 pump System


Anti- Synchronised

Timed Delay

Reversed Timed Delay

Break free from limitations!

With 5 water movement modes,4 ways to link up the pumps,2 preset cycles and a programmable 24 hours cycle - there is no more limitation on how you can set up the water circulation in your tank!

Preset 1-Lunar Tidal Cycle (LTC)

The Lunar Tidal Cycle (LTC) is a 24-hours cycle that mimics the kind of water current in the ocean during high and low tides.

Preset 2-Oceanic Gyre Cycle(OGC)

The Oceanic Gyre Cycle (OGC) is a 24-hours cycle that creates a gentle alternating gyre circulation within your aquarium.


Pumps requires a controller to operate.





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