D-D E-Flow Pumps


D-D E-Flow Pumps

E-Flow pumps are brushless motor, true sinewave pumps incorporating the latest technology for energy saving and performance control.

The power consumption and performance can be selected with the up/down buttons located on the face of the controller. The pumps revolutions are fully automatically adjusted until the set wattage has been reached (not a mere revolution control). The pump itself can be installed either dry outside the sump or submersed inside the sump or aquarium.

 E-Box control unit

With the E-box the range and function of the E-Flow pumps can be expanded considerably. It comes with a power adapter and a 2m connecting cable to the pump’s controller and is usable

for all E-Flow pumps. Note: one E-Box requred for each pump.

Feedtimer - can be programmed to either stop the pump or reduce performance from 20-50 Watts during a time period of 1 to 30 minutes.

Interval mode - allows you to select a fixed cycle of 2 times and 2 power settings. Time span min 5 seconds, max 20 minutes. Power from 20 Watts to maximum

Random mode - a type of interval function, where the time and power are selected at random.

Remote control - enables you to place the E-Box remote from the pump’s main controller by using an optional cable (up to 7 m) so the pump can be controlled from a convenient place.

Code Model Flow max Head max Watt Connections RRP R'N'C
24002000 E-Flow R2 7000 L/h 7.0 m 80W 32/25 mm £689.99 £620.99
24003000 E-Flow R3 9000 L/h 9.5 m 130 W 40/32 mm £839.99 £755.99
24100000 E-Flow 10 9000 L/h 6.0 m 80 W 40/32mm £734.99 £661.99
24120000 E-Flow 12 11800 L/h 8.0 m 130 W 40/40mm £879.99 £791.99
24160000 E-Flow 16 14000 L/h 9.0 m 180 W 50/40mm £999.99 £899.99
24000000 E-Flow Box         £199.99 £179.99


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  • Model: 240,24002,3000. 2410,12,160000
  • Manufactured by: D-D

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D-D E-Flow Pumps

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