TMC Coral Gravel Medium 4Kg


 TMC Coral Gravel Medium 4Kg




  • Medium grade Coral Gravel – 5mm.
  • Tropical Marine Gravel is carefully graded to obtain a uniform grain size and colour. 
  • It has a highly porous structure which makes it an ideal biological filter medium, especially when used in conjunction with mechanical filtration.
  • It should be noted the Tropical Marine Gravel has equal buffering capacities to calcium or Dolomite gravel, but its larger surface area makes it the ideal choice where a buffering and biological substrate is required.
  • Tropical Marine Gravel will not compact like Dolomite or calcium gravel under normal working conditions. Therefore, with its buffering abilities, it is ideal for the marine aquarium and the special freshwater aquaria where higher pH levels are required.
  • Suitable for use as high surface area biological and mechanical filter media.
  • Surface area > 10000 m2/m3.
  • Natural aragonite.

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  • Model: 5157
  • Manufactured by: TMC

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