Reef Rods


Reef Rods 

Reef-Rods are a brand new and unique aquascaping tool for the creation of stunning rock structures in Marine or freshwater aquaria.

Made in the UK from high quality aquarium safe clear acrylic, Reef Rods allow the safe and stable construction of  rock towers (bommies) when used singly, or when used in multiples combined with plate rock to create stunning multi-level aquascapes with adjoining platforms, bridges or arches.

Each unit consists of a wide and stable solid 10mm thick acrylic base with additional 10mm thick bonded centre support plate to spread load and add stability. Into this a solid acrylic rod is inserted which is held in its seat by a plastic screw. Rock can then be drilled and placed directly onto the centre rod, or cable tied around the rod which will act as a support structure. Being clear, any visible sections of rod will be virtually invisible once the aquarium is filled and will quickly coralline over to become just another part of the scenery. Once added to the aquarium, the base will stay hidden below the substrate or can be allowed to grow over with selected corals and fauna in the case of bare-bottom aquaria.


Allows stunning structures to be created with minimal effort and experience.

Ideal for professional hobbyists, beginners, commercial builds, or those who simply struggle with aquascaping.

Allows the building of secure rock structures with only minimal use of aquascaping putties or glues.

Allows stable rock structures to be built away from the aquarium glass resulting in better circulation throughout the aquarium and a healthier system. (Ideal for gyre flow setups)

The open nature of the rock structures combined with more efficient circulation characteristics allows more efficient use of the rocks biological properties, often resulting in more efficient  filtration for a given amount of rock when compared to conventional reef-wall type aquascapes.

Keeps the amount of live rock in contact with substrates to a minimum preventing compaction and dead areas where large volumes of waste can collect or be difficult to remove.

Reef-Rods are available in 4 different standard sizes, and  can be used in any aquarium from Nano to Monster build. (Oversize units are available upon request)


Base size: mm

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