AquaMedic NR Blue



AquaMedic NR Blue

Nitratereductor to reduce the nitrate level in salt- and freshwater aquaria up to 1,000 l (260 gal) volume.
The Nitratereductor NR Blue is an anaerobic biological reactor for removing nitrates from salt- and freshwater aquaria. It has a 5 l (c. 1.2 gal) volume and an internal circulation pump. The Nitratereductor works with a flow rate of 1 to 4 l/hr (c. 0.25 to 1 gph). In the absence of oxygen this situation promotes bacteria that metabolize nitrate. Denimar-powder or Deniballs are used as an organic energy source. The Nitratereductor NR Blue is a closed unit that can be integrated into filter systems, but may also be installed to stand alone under the aquarium.Deniballs and BactoBalls included.
Recommended accessories:
- For constant water flow: dosing pump SP 3000
- To monitor and control the process: mV Controller and pressure resistant threaded probe
- To feed the bacteria: Denimar-powder and Mini-Deniballs




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  • Model: 410.760
  • Manufactured by: Aquamedic

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