D-D Refractometer


D-D Refractometer

What is different about the D-D SEAWATER refractometer


The vast majority of refractometer currently available to the hobby are designed for measuring saltwater (sodium chloride or brine solution) and not true ‘seawater’. Although seawater is mostly sodium chloride it also contains other elements such as magnesium and calcium that change the refractive index slightly and will give a different and incorrect results After extensive development, D-D’s new ATC refractometer addresses this issue as the scale is calibrated for seawater giving true salinity results for aquarium use when correctly calibrated and greater accuracy than previously attainable.


  • Portable
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate measurments
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Includes pippette, hard case, leather pouch and screwdriver

Sold Out
  • Model: AQPR001
  • Manufactured by: D-D

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