TMC Modular Mounting System


TMC AquaRay Modular Mounting System 

The AquaRay Modular Mounting System (MMS) is a flexible mounting system for fitting AquaRay Lighting units in all possible tank set ups.
The MMS range consists of anAquaRay MMS Rail, available in lengths from 490mm to 2415mm, which can be easily cut to size for customised set ups, plus a number of fittings and accessories to allow the AquaRay units to be:-

  • retro-fitted into T5 and T8 fittings wth IP67 rated lamp holders
  • fitted directly into an existing hood
  • suspended from brackets or the ceiling for open top tanks
As this mounting system is modular, it is extremely flexible and is also very easy to build at home, with only a screwdriver required.


1850: AquaRay MMS Rail 158 mm – 
1851: AquaRay MMS Rail 308 mm – 
1852: AquaRay MMS Rail 540mm - 
1873: AquaRay MMS Rail 1090mm - suitable for two AquaBeam 600s  
1874: AquaRay MMS Rail 1610mm - suitable for three AquaBeam 600s
1876: AquaRay MMS Rail 2415mm - suitable for five AquaBeam 600s
1879: AquaRay MMS End Cap x2(includes 2x fixing screws and 2x end  cap mounting screws).
1823: AquaRay MMS Suspension Kit (includes 2x 1m suspension wires, 2x cable gliders, 2x ceiling fixings,
                                      2x threaded washers, 2x yellow rawl plugs and 2x self tapping screws).
1824: AquaRay MMS Spiral Cable Wrap (4m)
1877: AquaRay MMS T5 End Caps x 2(includes 2 x mounting screws)
1878: AquaRay MMS T8 End Caps x 2(includes 2 x mounting screws)
1881: AquaRay MMS Bracket x 2(includes 2 x bracket fixing screws, 4 x nylon machine screws, 4 x nylon nuts and 1 x allen key)
1883: AquaRay MMS Crosslink Bar- Adjustable x2
1884: AquaRay MMS USB Extension Cable.


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  • Model: 1831-84
  • Manufactured by: TMC

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