A Comprehensive Guide to Pomacanthidae
by Helmut Debelius, Hiroyuki Tanaka & Rudie H Kuiter
This is the fifth book in the Marine Fish Families Series from TMC Publishing.
Amongst aquarium reef-fishes, few could compete with the beauty of angelfishes. Many species remain small in size, around the 10 cm mark, and combined with their beauty, and often rarity, are sought after in the aquarium trade.
At present 8 genera and at least 88 species of angelfish are known, some still undescribed, and all are included in this book with stunning colour photographs, including those species that live in deep water.
In addition, many new colour morphs are shown.


  • Introduction
  • Angelfishes
  • Discovering a new Angelfish
  • Collecting Angelfishes
  • Spawning and Development
  • The Culture and Larval Development of three Pygmy Angelfish
  • Colour Morphs & Hybrids
  • About this Book
  • Systematic Section
  • Family Pomacanthidae Genera Contents
  • Genus Pomacanthus
  • Genus Pomacanthus Subgenera Picture Index
  • Euxiphipops
  • Pomacanthoides
  • Pomacanthus
  • Genus Holacanthus
  • Genus Holacanthus Subgenera Picture Index
  • Holacanthus
  • Angelichthys
  • Plitops
  • Genus Apolemichthys
  • Genus Chaetodontoplus
  • Genus Pygoplites
  • Genus Genicanthus
  • Genus Paracentropyge
  • Genus Centropyge
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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