Natural Reef Aquariums




Natural Reef Aquariums
by John Tullock

One of the most biologically rich environments on Earth, the coral reef dazzles our senses with its colours, shapes and species diversity. 
Recreating living reefs in miniature is a burgeoning avocation for serious home aquarium keepers, and John Tullock’s latest book gives an insight into the current trends in reef keeping, advocating and advising on the increasingly popular 'natural' style of reef aquarium, where 'live' rock and sand are used to create a stable environment. 
With more than 200 colour photographs and illustrations, 'Natural Reef Aquariums' provides inspiration for both beginning and expert marine reef hobbyists. 
The aspiring reef aquarist will find plans and suggested species to replicate numerous realistic microhabitats, including a Micronesian Clam Reef, a Caribbean Turtle Grass Flat, a Gulf of Mexico Patch Reef, a Stony Coral Reef, an Indo-Pacific Deep Cave and a Red Sea Shallow Fore Reef.




  • The "Natural" Aquarium
  • Less Technology, More Biology
  • Systems: The Choices and the Basics
  • The Living Filter
  • Aquarium Lighting
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Reflecting the Wild Reef
  • Marine Habitats of the Florida Keys and Caribbean Sea
  • The Gulf of Mexico
  • Indo-Pacific Reefs: Diversity's Motherlode
  • Indo-Pacific Deep Reefs and Caves
  • Marine Fishes
  • Disease in the Reef Aquarium
  • Feeding the Captive Reef
  • Ecology and the Aquarist
  • Captive-Propagated Fishes & Invertebrates
  • Species of Concern


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