About Us



Who we are:-

Rock N Critters are a South Wales based, family run independent business. We have over 30 years experience in the aquatic world specialising in marine aquaria.

What we do:-

We are importers of premium quality live rock, marine Invertebrates, Corals and Fish. We fully cure our rock over a 4-5 week period before sale. The function of live rock in a marine aquarium is that it functions as a biological filter.

Personal Service:-

On request, we will endeavour to send photographs of your individual live stock via e-mail before shipping. This is to ensure you are completely content with your order.

Our Facility:- 

At Rock 'N' Critters we have several areas which are devoted to specialised marine aquatics.

Show Room 

Our Show Room holds the main Fish stock which is separated into Reef Safe and Fish Only aquaria types, this allows easier selection of your fish. We hold a large diversity of Fish stock in our 4000 Litre system.

We also have a dedicated Nano system of Fish and coral frags.



Here we also house our SPS Coral System and our LPS Coral System with a large diversity in Species and colour.

We also hold a large display of marine only products for purchase on our display stand.


Our Invertebrate System holds numerous species of invertebrates from clams to anemones. With a display system of 2500 Litres we house a large diversity of various marine invertebrates such as crabs, shrimp, clams, anemone and many more organisms.

 We also grow our our Phytoplankton. This is used on our own systems, and is available to customers. 


Live Rock Curing Facility

In our facility we carry up to 7 tons of Live Rock at a time and fully cure it in our Live Rock vats. Once the Live Rock is mature it is placed in our display system. Here it is lit and fed in a living system ready to make the perfect aquascape.

 All our Systems are kept at a Salt level of  35.5 ppt.